Customized Home Workouts and Videos

There are many PROS to working out at home.

  • It saves you TIME, no commute.

  • You don't have to lug all your gym clothes with you to work.

  • No signing up for classes, crowded spaces, and wearing a mask while working out.

  • It can SAVE YOU $$$$$


If you'd like to order your own customized home workout routine contact me with some specifics about your space, your goals, and if you have any limitations (example: I'd like a low impact routine). 

included: designed workout, personal training session, and workout on a document or video (cost varies)


Please remember that your safety is always priority and if you have challenges around form and posture, this might NOT be the ideal service for you, however, if you have a considerable amount of fitness experience and just need some structure and organization, then THIS IS A SUITABLE AND AFFORDABLE OPTION.   

You can also check out my VIDEOS ON DEMAND.  Once you purchase a video (Vimeo accepts paypal or visa), IT IS YOURS TO KEEP.