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Health Coaching for Weight Loss and Nutrition

1-1 or Groups
In-person, Virtual, or via Phone

Are you having bouts of fatigue throughout your day?  Weight fluctuating?  Exhausted running from work to the gym and spinning your wheels trying to burn off excess calories?  Not certain what to eat?  


70% Nutrition

30% Gym



It's not uncommon for people to lose focus of what they're putting in their mouths and the pounds START CREEPING ON! It's a vicious cycle, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and you end up with little enthusiasm to exercise, feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, and with a diminished self-image.  


As we get older, there are certain foods that will pack on pounds.  Hormones and genetics play a part too.  The plan, restructure the foods you BUY and EAT. I'll teach you how.


It's not necessary to purchase weight loss products, expensive procedures, or detox programs and cleanses.  There's plenty of books you can read, videos you can watch, but do you really need one more assignment that feels like work?

I'll make it as EASY for you as possible and create the SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOAL!!!

Together we will assess what you are currently eating, I'll show you which products to eliminate and/or sub out, teach you weight management strategies, and partner you in creating a shopping list/plan and redesigning your entire diet.  


Based on whole food nutrition and eliminating processed foods/sugar, I'll restore your basic nutrition resulting in reduced cravings for sugar, sustained blood sugar and energy, less body bloat, and empower you to live a healthy well-balanced life, one that is EASY TO SUSTAIN. 


Ready to change your body and your life?


$ 80.00- 60-minutes session  

$750.00- ONE WEEK INTENSIVE TRANSFORMATION includes daily interaction between 8-6pm all day ONLINE

Seasonal Weight Loss and Fitness Reset Group runs online in a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP

  • Daily communication, motivation, and education via VISUAL LEARNING AIDS


  • Meal and snack ideas

  • Full length video workouts uploaded into the group/Fitness programming

  • Zoom group calls

  • Weight loss and management strategies

You will be required to sign a standard fitness waiver and 24-hour cancellation policy during our first session. 


If you should have any questions, please contact me. 

I want you to feel confident and happy with my services.  

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