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Home Gym on the Cheap

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

2019 is right around the corner

...and EVERY YEAR fitness and health related resolutions are at the top of the list!

Are you?

Apprehensive about taking on another monthly expense that a gym membership brings or on a tight budget.

Unable to afford a trainer and keep putting off getting started.

Already locked into a busy schedule and the added prep time getting changed, hours at the gym, parking, and commute to get to a gym adds up to a considerable amount of time  commitment and added stress.

Confused about what to do at the gym and/or feel silly, uncomfortable, and out of place in group exercise classes.

Working from home and/or a stay at home mother without childcare.

Introverted (Fitrovert- a person who prefers to exercise alone) and desire a less stimulating and crowded environment after working all week in a socially demanding job.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? If you really want to CRUSH your fitness goals and save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in 2019 while making effective use of your time then consider creating your own HOME GYM.

I'm here to help you get started.

What you might already have:

You probably have a pair of sneakers. No need to go buy new ones because you want to look cute at the gym. (Look! You're already SAVING MONEY)

You probably already have a chunk of space, 8x8, 10x10 available. It might be right in front of your couch or bed.  Maybe you have to move a table or something. Look around, where is the best place to work out in your home?

You don't need to run out and buy new workout gear. MORE MONEY SAVED. If you have a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt, that will do!

Your laptop or cell phone. You can access YouTube videos and music mixes FOR FREE. More about my favorites in the resource section.

MOTIVATION- FIND YOUR WHY. If you're happy about the time you're going to save, the money you're going to save, and are ready to improve your image, health, and state of being then let's keep going...

You'll need some equipment. Here's where to go to get it FOR FREE OR ON THE CHEAP

You might even have some equipment already. If not, you need a minimal amount of equipment to get started. I"m suggesting a couple sets of hand held weights, one lighter pair and one heavier and a mat (which is really optional too). If you can pick up a wall calendar at the dollar store, that would be great too. IF you don't have weights, here's where to go to get your equipment:

Check out your local thrift stores and yard sales. 

Social media groups/Apps- Check out a neighborhood social media group and search the FOR FREE section to see if anyone is giving away fitness related equipment. Other apps you can check are the Nextdoor app that groups neighbors with their neighborhood. Check their FOR FREE section. Also checkout and

Stores- If the above doesn't work then visit the FIVE BELOW store or Target. I purchased the green tubing band pictured on my Instagram picture for $5 at FIVE BELOW. You can do all sorts of fun exercises with them like this one from my Core-lates Conditioning program

YOU'RE READY!!! See? That was EASY.

Before you begin your program, take some pictures (front, side, back if you have a full length mirror or partner that will help), weigh yourself, and/or take measurements.  Here are just a couple of my favorite resources for working out at home.

YouTube videos- search for Fitness Blender (they have hundreds of videos), HASfit, POPSUGAR Fitness, just to name a few. 

Music- You're going to want something upbeat.  It's painful running to slow music. The music needs to motivate you to move a little faster and more intensely.  Again, use YouTube and search for MIXFIT 32 (anything around 128-135BPM), Israel RR Fitness, and Workout Music Source are all good.  

Set smart, measurable, and attainable goals The first couple weeks, just shoot for 2 thirty minute sessions.  Around week 5, change it to 2 forty minute sessions.  You can do your laundry and have dinner waiting for you after you're done! When you're ready to workout, pick out your video using your laptop and use your phone's YouTube to play the music.  Using your wall calendar, mark a 'W' in the right corner of the day of the week.  At the end of the month, your calendar will be full of W's and you're going to FEEL LIKE A BOSS because you're saving money, saving time, and working on yourself. 

Here's the BEST PART...

Every 2 months, TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING NICE WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU'VE SAVED. Take yourself out or go buy that certain something you've had your eye on for awhile. How great is that? or you can really AMP up your workouts and do one of the following: 

Hire a trainer to come and help you with form and your routine.  Schedule it on your calendar in advance so you have it to look forward to and can be prepared. Make sure they know beforehand what you are specifically looking to achieve by them visiting you at home that way they can be prepared too.

Schedule a phone consultation/Skype session with a health coach to brainstorm on ways to keep your program changing and effective.

Take pictures of yourself again, measurements, weigh yourself, and mark it on your calendar. Keep resetting your goals.

Contact me if you'd like to schedule residential personal training in Philadelphia or health coaching FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

Share with me your home workout experiences or ideas.  Email me at and connect with me on Instagram: @Home_Girl_Life


Best in Health,

Marie Hilferty


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