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 Mobility- (All levels) Relax and restore joint range of motion throughout your body.  Great to relieve stiffness, pain, and help with posture.

Strength Circuits- (Int. Level) 60-minute workout, work all of your muscles.  You should have some fitness experience before joining this workout and be able to stand the entire hour.  There is no impact in this workout. 

Cardio Drills-(Adv. Level) You can expect a variety of movement drills that BURN CALORIES and condition your cardiovascular system.  This workout has a combination of HIGH IMPACT AND LOW IMPACT movement patterns.  

NYC Skyline BW



Colleen F., Philadelphia

Marie’s personality is a huge part of what keeps me as a regular attendee. She explains what we are doing and why and gives reminders about maintaining proper technique. Marie is wonderful as an instructor and motivator. I have become more toned and feel stronger since starting with Marie’s classes. I turned 50 this year and have never felt better.


Eden K., Philadelphia

Marie's workouts are so motivating with a fantastic pace. She always gives such clear direction and every workout is different and challenging. Love, love, love Marie and her workouts!

Yoga Practice

Jennifer F., Washington

I Love  Marie's YOGA classes. As a yoga teacher and student for many years, I am picky. I most enjoy how she describes the way to get in and out of each posture and challenges me in every pose. I also joined her 21 day nutrition reset and I am forever grateful for her joy in my life. Truly a quality human and fabulous trainer, playful, clear conscience directions, challenging and motivating.

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